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Portraits by Finn Graves

Finn Graves
Owner, Writer

Finn Graves is a local, Portland writer, novelist, slam poet, graphic novelist who relocated back to Portland, OR after five expressive and exhausting years at WSU. She has been writing almost as long as she can remember.

First, composing elaborate stories for her teddy bears, monsters and pets, then writing and drawing short stories for her younger brother when he came along.

During college, she became passionately interested in critical thinking, feminism and novellas. Since 2010, she has written a novel every year, come hell, flooding, diseased roommates, and bad breakups, during November, with thousands of other writers.

Editing for length, clarity and commas are not her strong points, unless it's someone else's work.

She and Malia Lewis co-led a queer, women's writing group at In Other Words in 2014.

Malia Lewis
Editor in Chief, Writer

Malia Lewis completed her BS in Pschology in 2014 and is currently running a story telling group at a residential facility, where she combines her love of the written word, with her love of critical thinking and psychology.

She also edits the third and fifth drafts of Finn Graves's novels, erasing all but the necessary commas in life.

She herself collects and devours books, particularily intellectually stimulating pages with intense critical thinking around systems of opression and stories of psychological disturbances.

She loves to write short stories, hates poetry, (even most of Graves's work), and has a strong, powerful will to learn, succeed and help others.

Also, she owns steel toed boots. 'nuff said.

Bethany Kunselman
Chief Namer, Writer-Muse

Bethany Kunselman has a BS in Psychology and a Massage Degree from OSM. She is the healer of the Wordsmith Family. She is also: our jack of all trades, Kopi-lover, first reader of the Wordsmith novellas, chief muse, consistently the brains behind the titles and names of the work, the cook, the cleaner, the gardener, the make every thing flow, supporter, epic Virgo of all she surveys.

She is not the butcher, as she refuses to kill ants. Or slugs. She just moves them off the plants.



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