March #365 Skeletons

This is a freaking huge project. I genuinely had no idea. Here’s a gallery of Month 1, March 2019 of the #365 Skeleton Project. (I admit, I’m a little overwhelmed.)

I just spent the morning uploading as many of these as possible to Etsy because I realized, just because I am filling my living room with skeletons, doesn’t mean I’m selling any skeletons yet. *amused and shakes head at myself. *

They look freaking amazing though, don’t they? They look incredible. They’re framed and covered in glass and all crisp and ready to find their forever homes…and oh yeah, I made friends with an artist who has a printer AND a came up with my very first sticker, which will be available on Etsy for $3 very very soon. happy bounces.

I am stoked.

I am certain I have other things to say, but can we just let these glorious creatures speak for themselves? Cause my brain is computer fried.

You, however, can run over and collect/adopt/purchase one and support the arts HERE!

(I’m offering free shipping on all of the ones I’ve just uploaded, so I can learn shipping costs and price them effectively.)