Learning to See: Noticing Lines and Contrast in your Daily Life

Learning to see Artistically. Noticing lines and contrasts in your daily life. Artist Vlog #13

Today we're talking about lines in our sketchbooks and how to take lines for walks in your sketchbooks. Our human brains are significantly drawn to contrast. Have you ever looked at your life and noticed what shapes make up your daily routine? This is a consciousness shifting exercise. I want you to start looking at the lines, shapes and contrasts around you.

My voice as an artist is drawn to strangely shaped humans, weird skin tones, vivid colors, strong lines and big eyes. What do you find you're drawn to? I can draw realistic portraits of people, but I never find realism satisfying. I'm a photographer as well actually, and even with those, I shift the photographs into art forms rather than focusing on realism.

I want you to go around in your world and look at what had large contrast, sharp shapes, and strange lines. Start noticing people. Who looks full of lines? Who looks as if they stepped out of a comic book? Or an abstract painting?

Check yourself out in the mirror. See where your lines on. Where's the highest contrast on your face? What happens when you change the lighting on yourself? I have strong contrast and lines on my eyebrows, tops of my eyes and under my nostrils.

What looks interesting now that you're looking? Comment below. I'm dying to know.

Video for Taking a Line for a Walk

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